Bibliate makes student’s life easier. It summaries long research articles that take hours to read into small readable paragraphs. It helps save time and provides accurate information.

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The Challenge

To redesign the experience of browsing research summaries, making it more seamless, user-friendly and readable. We also had to design the website to communicate the features and the benefits of the product. Their target audience was millennials, students, lecturers, scholars who were attracted to modern and minimal interfaces. We had to design a product that people would visit to read and research interesting topics. 



ui ux agency - bibliate process

After a strategy session with the Bibliate team we understood that they wanted a seamless and efficient web application and a website to convert viewers to users. They wanted to increase the conversion rate of their website to get more customers. We created a user persona to understand who their ideal user is, and started brainstorming to find a solution.

ui ux agency - bibliate persona

During the brainstorming session, we found some major problems with the existing dashboard and website. We were keen on providing optimum solutions to these problems.

ui ux agency - bibliate ROI


Based on our research and brainstorming sessions we drafted a user flow for the dashboard experience. We created a site map to explain the structure of the website. Once these were ready, we presented them to the Bibliate team to get approval from them. 

ui ux studio - bibliate site map
web development services - biblaite sitemap


We designed the dashboard keeping in mind the students and scholars. The dashboard has all the required information and features in reach of these users for more efficiency. 

web design services - dashboard biblaite 2

The dashboard has a search bar for searching summaries from all libraries, and a filter section for filtering and sorting search results based on their preferences and needs.

web design services - search bib

The summarizer allows users to upload research articles in text and pdf files for generating academic research standard summaries. Generated summaries are in a well-structured and sorted format with in-detail information. The summary details screen has key concepts, overviews, visuals, criticals, takeaways, findings and many more sections with all the needed in-depth information. This information assists users in the research process.

web design services - dashboard bib
web design agency - dashboard bbb

We started with building a clean, bright and representative landing page with the best suitable design theme for the website. We added education-related illustrations to make them more appealing to our young target audience and scholars. We desired most users visiting the home page will be first-time users with no-to-very less understanding of the bibliate dashboard. So we focused on a free trial for new users.

web design agency - home page bibliate

In feature and functionality, we presented a step-by-step guide on how the dashboard flow is and what are the benefits, how easy to use/dynamic, user-friendly is it for students and scholars with all the web app mockups.

web design agency - summary gen

Reviews of users and university partners are shown for users’ trust and authenticity on the website.

web design agency - bibliate testimonials

Bibliate Pricing webpage has a simple and understandable short explanation of the paid services with multiple pricing options.

web design agency - landing page bibliate

We also created a style guide for the client, as he requested.

best web design company - style sheet

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