Travcal is a time tracking application for frequent travellers who visit multiple countries and different timezones in a month.

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The Challenge

The targeted user base was Business developers/Sales executives who needed to travel to multiple countries and different timezones in a month. Our challenge was to design a task flow that could help the target user to be punctual and ready for the upcoming task which was in a different timezone. Any bad experience in the flow would cause a delay and thus loss in business. The second challenge was to show timings from the current and next timezone for the upcoming tasks and organize all the information in a systematic manner for the user to understand. 



We spoke to people who had recently travelled to a different timezone to understand their experience. Then drafted a user persona stating the needs, goals and problems. We created a dummy calendar to learn how the user would manage tasks. After a lot of research and discussion, we came up with a solution and created a task flow chart, user flow diagram. 



We kept the clocks right on top so that users could easily swipe between the different timezones. Users could see the upcoming tasks right below the clocks. We added times from the current and next timezone so that the user knew when he would reach the next destination and when his next task was due. Travelling from different timezones affects and sleep and food schedule so we also added sleep and food reminders so that users could be well-rested and fresh for their next tasks



We created a mood board and shared it with the client to understand the design direction he wanted us to take. We used the neumorphism design language that looked very smooth and formal just like we wanted it to be. The subtle choice of colours and clean layout made the app easy to read and navigate through. We used flags to show different timezones, so users could understand the location of the task at a glance. 

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