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Not your regular fitness app, Tribes Fit is a community of cross-fit enthusiasts coming together to learn, teach and compete with each other. It has 5 different workout types and numerous challenges to compete with your friends.

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The Challenge

There are tons of fitness apps available in the market. Most of them have a catalogue of workout plans that you select and have to follow. Once you select a plan and pay for it you work out for a couple of days and then you become weary of it. That’s what happens with the vast majority of people. 

The challenge was to help people create a habit of working out regularly. We also wanted users to invite their friends and family so that the userbase could grow exponentially.


To understand how to create a habit we needed to know what makes a habit. A habit is formed by 3 components: 1) Cue, 2) Routine, 3) Reward. 

Our client was a workout hero and a cross-fit trainer. So he onboarded 50 users for us to do the research. We did user testing on WhatsApp by sharing free workouts daily and gave users ratings based on the number of reps and sets. We shared shorter and more competitive tasks to create more user engagement. We also used gamification and rewarded the users on a weekly basis if they meet their workout goals.

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Based on the user testing done on WhatsApp we created a user flow emphasising on:

  1. Rewarding the user with Gifts and Fitcoins after a workout
  2. Letting people create their own Tribes to invite their friends and family
  3. Tribes could complete with each other creating more user engagement
  4. Challenges to help new users to form a habit of workout out
  5. Leaderboard to show where the user stands at the end of the challenge or workout
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Our target group being people of any age category, the only thing in common was the courage to work out and start living healthy. Bright colours were used to encourage people. Since the workout is an activity that makes you tired we kept the text and the font sizes bigger than normal to minimize touch errors and misreading. The logo was created using the letters T and F which when combined created an abstract shape.

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As a reward, we also offered, merchandise and t-shirts so we also created designs for them.

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We kept the workout and challenges on the home screen so that it was easier to start a workout or a challenge. We added tribes so that existing users could invite more users and the user base of the app could grow exponentially

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Rewards play an important role in creating a habit. It completes the habit loop such that the user craves it when he uses the app next time.

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When we started a squat challenge in the WhatsApp group and saw higher engagement. Even new members in the group started doing the challenges. Out of the 50 users, 32 were actively taking part in the activity.

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