Rethinking, redesigning, and improving the website of an AI Business Automation Software Company to enhance user experience, showcase cutting-edge technology, and drive business growth in global markets.

What we did

Strategy Workshop Web Design WordPress Development

Project & Platform

Responsive development on WordPress platform using Elementor


ecobillz banner
ecobillz banner

About Ecobillz​

Established in 2016, Ecobillz is an innovative digitization platform that utilizes AI to capture, read, and store documents and data in real-time. It serves as a document management system, advanced business process automation tool, and a source of valuable business insights. Ecobillz is expanding its presence across various domains, including hospitality, QSR, retail, and more. The best part is that getting started with Ecobillz requires no changes to your existing systems.


Global Expansion and increase in lead generation

Dr. Ameet Patil, the founder and CEO of Ecobillz wanted to tap the global markets and because of which they needed to upgrade their existing website and make it more appealing. They had an old website which didn’t clearly explain the value proposition of their products and they also had launched new products in different verticals which weren’t mentioned on the website. The goal of this project was to create a website that would serve a global audience and provide information about Ecobillz products and services, to enable lead generation.

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From Cluttered Chaos to Streamlined Success​

The website was outdated, cluttered, and difficult to navigate. The lack of clear messaging and unclear value proposition, a hurdle for potential customers to fully grasp the value of Ecobillz’s offerings.


Transforming Ecobillz's Digital Presence​

We embarked on an exciting journey to redefine Ecobillz’s digital presence. Our mission was clear: to tackle the issues plaguing their outdated website and create a modern, responsive, streamlined, and user-friendly website.

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Clients results

Ecobillz grows exponentially in the international markets like UK, Dubai, South Africa and India by offering front desk automation, revenue reconciliation, backend automation and a lot of services to reduce hassle in the business process and provide valuable data and insights to take business decisions. Using the website Ecobillz was able to clearly communicate the features and benefits of their platform that encouraged more people to use their platform.

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Our course of remedy

The Ecobillz website redesign project undertaken was a collaborative effort between our team and the client. We embarked on a journey of brainstorming, planning, and executing tasks to bring the client’s vision to life. In order to ensure a smooth workflow and keep everyone aligned towards the common goal, we developed a comprehensive scenario outlining the step-by-step process for the project. This scenario provided a roadmap that guided us throughout the project, enabling us to deliver a successful redesign of the Ecobillz website. Dive into the workflow scenario to get an overview of the process.

  1. Conducted a strategy workshop with stakeholders.
  2. Established objectives for the website redesign.
  3. Planned the sitemap and information architecture.
  4. Created Wireframes & Content
  5. Designed high-fidelity visual mockups.
  6. Conducted a final design review and made necessary revisions.
  7. Developed the website on wordpress using no code methodologies
  8. Conducted testing and made necessary changes to ensure functionality and usability.
  9. Training was provided on how to use the node code backend, which allowed the Ecobillz marketing team to make changes without needing development resources.
  10. Completed the project and handed off the website to the client.

Throughout this journey, our team collaborated closely with the client, ensuring that their vision and goals were met at every step. We successfully delivered a revamped Ecobillz website that not only met the client’s requirements but also provided an enhanced user experience.

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Harnessing the Power of WordPress and Elementor for Effortless Content Management​

WordPress formed the foundation of our development process, offering a reliable and flexible content management system (CMS). With its wide range of plugins and customizable themes, WordPress provided a solid framework for building the website. We integrated Elementor, a popular drag-and-drop page builder plugin for WordPress, to bring our design concepts to life and ensure a smooth user experience. This powerful tool allowed our team to visually design and construct the interface without complex coding. By utilizing the WordPress and Elementor combination, we granted the marketing team complete control over content management, enabling them to make real-time updates and customize the user interface autonomously. This streamlined approach facilitated rapid iterations, efficient marketing campaigns, and seamless content updates.

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ecobillz on devices
ecobillz on mac
ecobillz responsive
ecobillz pages

Clients results

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Working with Magnetize was everything I hoped it’d be. They are organised, fast and produce excellent, well-thought-out work. More than a design executer, I see them as a design partner. I spoke with over a dozen agencies before choosing Magnetize studio, and am glad I did. Would highly recommend their services.

Dr. Ameet Patil

Founder & CEO, Ecobillz