UI UX Design Studio in Pune

Revitalising Flocareer’s online presence, we crafted a seamless user experience, redefining brand identity, and elevating the platform’s capabilities to help top brands streamline interviews with efficiency and expertise.


ecobillz banner

Rethinking, redesigning, and improving the website of an AI Business Automation Software Company to enhance user experience, showcase cutting-edge technology, and drive business growth in global markets.

Auto Eye

design agency in mumbai - auto eye

AutoEye is a fleet management and maintenance software built for logistics fleets. It helps to track expenses, vehicle health, vehicle servicing and delivery tasks efficiently.

Tribes Fit

web design and development service - TF cover

Not your regular fitness app, Tribes Fit is a community of cross-fit enthusiasts coming together to learn, teach and compete with each other. It has 5 different workout types and numerous challenges to compete with your friends.

A1 Credit Card

ui ux designing service a1 cover 2

A digital credit card app that replaces the physical credit card and encourages users to pay minimum interest, to make healthy financial decisions.


ui ux designing service - Travcal cover

Travcal is a time tracking application for frequent travellers who visit multiple countries and different timezones in a month.

Learning Beam Academy

is an online private high school authorised by the Canadian government. We helped them to design their digital infrastructure, that connect students, teachers & parents. It enables online learning for students and parents can keep a track of their child’s progress using the dashboard.


ui ux agency - bibliate cover page

Bibliate makes student’s life easier. It summaries long research articles that take hours to read into small readable paragraphs. It helps save time and provides accurate information.


Pre-owned car marketplace that connects buyers to sellers and suggests a good deal based on market researched prices.